Vitamin B1 is one of the imperative substances in the human body, no other vitamin can play a role in health and fitness. Vitamin B1 is also denoted by thiamin and aneurine with this formula C14H17N4OS+

Human being’s body consist of many different elements which are further subdivided into various categories that are important rather in a small amount, like vitamins which are divided into diverse types, plays their functions.

Vitamin B1 works as a power supply, provides energy to the body by melting fats in a body and vitamin B1 can dissolve oils and lipids form food and store into tissues, helps a body in critical health condition to stable the body.

The people who too much workout daily and are in sports, for them vitamin B1 is a simulator because it can enlarge their muscles and nerves for better and effectively like, brain conveys its messages to every cell of the body by nerves and muscles.

For fitness in sports and bodybuilders use vitamin B1, supplements are used mostly powder form muscle enhancement and strengthen them.

Benefits of Vitamin B1

There are many benefits of vitamin B1 follow:

Vitamin B1 benefits

Deceases due to this deficiency

Where it has many benefits but its deficiency causes numerous diseases and syndromes like


Vitamin B1 uses in the treatment

Sources of Vitamin B1

There are various supplements to overcome but we should use the natural source as

  • Beef, liver, milk, nuts, oats, oranges, eggs, seeds, legumes, peas, yeast, broccoli, onion, green bean.
  • In fortified – spinach, eggplant, romaine, mushroom, lettuce, rice, pasta, bread, cereal, and flour.

It performs several functions in a human body, the major to function plays in the central nervous system (brain) by its co-enzyme. It also helps in digestion without any problem because it supports producing hydrochloric acid which maintains intestines and stomach.

Vitamin-B1 sources

Vitamin B nourishes all digestive organs and helps in absorption nutrients from food and regular appetite. It1 is water soluble, when we discard water from the food it drains out with water and wastes an essential nutrient.

Moreover, health is the most priceless thing in the world so we must careful towards our diet and keep an eye what we are eating. Vitamins are part and parcel for our body, with little care, we can maintain its right in a body that provides energy and the best life with full of its charm.


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