What is Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen Technology? Have you ever seen a washing machine that can keep you in your pocket, and does it appreciate the ultrasonic technology application?

ultrasonic cleaning pen technology application

Humanity is always looking for the laundry method. An ultrasonic cleaning pen is a pen that can wash clothes. His appearance has excluded Washington’s traditional way. It only takes 30 seconds! Ultrasonic Technology!

The ultrasonic cleaning pen is a stylish compact device that is found in our everyday life, can easily save time, water and energy. So, whenever and wherever we can, we can clean the stain.

Features of Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen Technology:

features of ultrasonic cleaning pen technology
  • 30 seconds to clean
  • There is no need to use the washing machine
  • Also, you can use it at any time
  • Correct cleaning using ultrasonic cleaning technology
  • Also, save water and energy
  • Simple design
features of ultrasonic pen

How to remove stain using Ultrasonic Cleaning pen technology?

Use three steps to remove stain using this pen:

  1. Firstly, under the clothing stain place a towel
  2. Then, by using dropper apply the mixture of water or detergent on this cloth
  3. Finally, lightly press this pen over a cloth to remove the stain
remove stain using ultrasonic pen

Working Principle of Ultrasonic Cleaning Pen Technology:

working principle of ultrasonic cleaning pen

In this case, using this pen device, it allows you to easily cope with all kinds of stains at any time without taking any problem of a place like it can remove coffee, jam, ink spot,  salads stain, blood stains, lipstick, etc.

application of ultrasonic cleaning pen

What’s more, it’s an amazing speed to clean. Also, it only takes ten to thirty seconds to wash it. The most magical thing is that they can also wash glasses, sports shoes, tools, etc. This product is perfect for these clean devils.

This technology completely eliminates the situation when you are still fighting with stain using hands or brushes.

applications of ultrasonic cleaning pen technology

According to the data, the use of ultrasonic technology, a large quantity of rapid energy in the water is started to throw out the clothes fibers.

However, according to the R & D team, he has developed the product, an ultrasonic cleaning pen is a super-cleaning device intended for local spots. Further, they can do things that can not deal with the traditional washing machine.

In addition, the R & D team tells them that they are preparing laundry equipment with high efficiency so that humans can use clothes without water in the future.


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