The most aggressive and fatal breast cancer type which grow rapidly in a body that is triple negative breast cancer that is not only in females, it also finds in males. Most of Pakistanis and under developing countries don’t aware of Triple-negative breast cancer. It is not easy to diagnose because that is different from another breast cancer because it manifests quite similar symptoms which makes it tougher.

Other breast cancers have some common indications but it doesn’t manifest the same indication, the doctor check three types of receptors — estrogen receptor, progesterone receptors, and human epidermal growth factor receptors 2 (HER2) – find in an excessive amount in removal tissue of lump or tumor which show breast cancer but in Triple-negative breast cancer these all receptors are found in the normal amount that distinguishes this type of cancer from other breast cancers types, lack of receptors makes it more complicated and challenging to be cured.

Research on Triple Negative Breast Cancer

According to the latest research, the cause of this cancer is a damaged cancer-preventing gene in a human body, so the body becomes cancerous due to a genetic disorder which is very crucial to treatment, it needs proper diagnosing about cancer types and then goes for treatment.

Doctor reviewing mammogram on x-ray.

Normal breast cancer is treated by Tamoxifen which reduces the amount of estrogen receptor, the excess of its quantity can be controlled but in TNBC case the treatment not does with Tamoxifen due to the normal rate of estrogen receptor, TNBC is treated by chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy but chemotherapy is more ideal for TNBC tumor. However, the decision of treatment depends on pathology reports –size and form of tumor or area of cancer have metastasized.


Symptoms of this cancer which approximately relates to other types of breast cancer

  • Unusual growth in the breast or a lump
  • Abnormal changes in breast size and shape
  • The hollowness in breast skin
  • Redness and painful touch
  • Discharge of blood or milk
  • Red eruptions on a nipple and its surrounding
  • Lump or swelling in the underarm.

Diagnose process of Triple-negative breast cancer

These ways are involved:

Diagnose process of Triple-negative breast cancer

Diagnose rate, Triple negative breast cancer is less than other types of breast cancer, from 100 women diagnosed with breast cancer 15 women will have triple negative breast cancer.

The survival rate is low than other breast cancers, this cancer is aggressive and relapses swiftly within 5 years. Most of the people never survive the relapse period and unfortunately have expired.

Always follow up with your doctor after having treatment because it’s come back soon. Every female should check her breast often herself any kind of abnormality can be diagnosed with rapid and start treatment on the right time and stop the major complications and spreading cancer. However, health and fitness are key od success without health no one makes a good and happy life and successful career.



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      yes you are right but in the mammography report and node of the specific area in the breast diagnosed the specific breast cancer.

  1. About 15 percent of breast cancers are diagnosed as triple negative — an aggressive form of the disease that does not respond well to traditional treatments.

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