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Vitamin D deficiency means you do not use enough vitamins for health which is also important. Why do I need vitamin D? Vitamin D absorbs calcium absorption in your body. Calcium bone is one of the main building blocks also vitamin D plays an important role in your nervous, muscle and immune system. How do I get vitamin D? You can find vitamin D in three standard ways: your skin, your diet, and also in supplements. Your body naturally produces vitamin D after dealing with sunlight. But too much sun exposure can lead to skin problems like skin infection, skin aging, and skin cancer. Many people try to get vitamins from other sources. How many vitamins do I need? You need every day the quantity of vitamin D depends on your age. Recommended quantities are in international units (IU) Birth to 12 months: 400 IUChildren 1-13 years: 600 IU14-18 years…