Obesity is a condition that appears when a person’s body stores excessive weight or fats which disturb their health. A person has obesity that diagnoses the body mass index is high by a doctor.

The distribution of fats in a body gets abnormal, like Waist-to-hip and waist-to-height fat ratio face trouble. The over- weighted body will face many problems and diseases.

Obesity Causes

1. Consumption of too much fats and lipids

When a person consumes fats more than body need. Both saturated and unsaturated are then the fats stored in a body.

2. Change in lifestyle

In this case, most of the time work in an office in a sitting position and no physical work makes body fatty and the fat storage gets an increase.

3. Lack of sleep

Moreover, lack of sleep causes irregulates the hormones and deficiency of hormones ghrelin and leptin that affect the appetite.

4. Fructose

Furthermore, the intake of too much fructose stimulates and contain fats. Thus, that is the biggest obesity source, like artificially, sweetened foods, such as yogurt, juices, canned foods, bread, breakfast cereal, cereal bars, energy or nutrition bars, and other ready-made baked goods. Especially, sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks candy and ice cream have a high fructose level.

5. Inherited obesity

Usually, the fat controlling gene has a problem and the releasing of ghrelin hormone is not proper and it affects the eating behavior. However, FTO is a gene that is associated with obesity.

Symptoms and warning signs

  • Shorten breath
  • Snoring
  • Fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Pain in back and joints
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Heartburn
  • Weakness of vessels

Diseases and health problems

Prevention from obesity

  • Especially use healthy and natural diet
  • Likewise regular exercises
  • Furthermore in touch with a doctor
  • Also less intake of fast food

Treatment of obesity

See your doctor for better and healthy advice

  • What type of diet is better for you
  • Tell appropriate and proper exercises for you
  • According to obesity conditions recommend testing or treatments for you
  • Which type of treatment you undergo for obesity such as polycystic ovary disorder

Lifestyle changes

There is no magical treatment for obesity. Weight loss can be challenging and needs commitment and patience. So, the combination of a controlled diet and also continues exercise will help you to reduce weight.


If you are overweight or fat, reducing weight can lead you to the extent of significant health benefits. The path of success is to manufacture accurate changes in the level of your diet. Furthermore, physical activity can be part of your daily routine. Read more about obesity and exercise.


More and more people will need to be less than their average daily to lose weight. One way to do this is to replace the choice of health. And choice of high-energy food such as fast food, processed food and syrup drinks (including alcohol) for healthy selection.


Many medicines are also available for prescriptions and non-prescription for weight reduction in Australia. Nevertheless, it is important to use an amalgamation of low-fat and increase physical activity. Anyhow, the amount of fat absorbs during emotional work.

In short, weight loss medicines are side effects and are not appropriate for all people. And if you are expecting, it has not suggested. Starting a weight loss medication firstly talk to your doctor or pharmacist if it’s right for you.


Anyhow, obesity surgery or biological surgery, some people can reduce weight by changing the way to absorb food.

To decide whether a doctor is not eligible for surgery and will consider such cases such as the body’s massive index (BM). Yet, he failed to lose weight from other sources, and daily workout. As a result, don’t choose the shortened way of losing weight.


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