There is no cure for HIV / AIDS treatment, but many different drugs are now available and helping to control this HIV/AIDS. This treatment is called ART.

This offer will enable researchers to try to eliminate HIV reservoir so that they clearly understand whether their strategy is working or not. The National Organization and Infectious Disease (NIAID), which is part of the NIH supports the research.

Infected cells containing HIV reservoir which include DNA molecules that prearrange with HIV proteins. These cells enter in comfortable condition in which they do not make any part of the virus.

Scientists have found that HIV DNA (provirus) are usually defective inside the rest cells that they can not produce new virus particles.

However, maximum obtainable tools for measuring HIV storage cannot proceeds and differentiate which can duplicate themselves with defective provirus.

Further, fund gives to the scientists from the National Institute of Health have developed a new commitment to accurately and easily identify cells associated with HIV reserves, for treatment of HIV.

University school of Medicine at Johns Hopkins team leads under the Robert F. Siliciano. A team analyzes more than 400 HIV DNA estimates of HIV with 28 people. Among these HIV DNA, scientists give a view to two types of mistakes: the deletions and lethal mutations.

Nanotechnology Method for HIV/AIDS treatment

After that, researchers have practically developed genetic researches that can separate the deleted or extremely mutated HIV DNA developers. Lastly, scientists have developed a nanotechnology method to analyze a process at the same time with these researches to determine how many provirus sample are integral.

nanotechnology method for HIV AIDS treatment

Finally, researchers demonstrate that their approach can accurately measure of rarely and non-stable for HIV reservoir. However, hopefully this new method will speed up the HIV research, which allows scientists to count individually to the number of proviruses, to end to get treatment. It is necessary.