Inequality in Pakistan is also a part of a global trend. According to the Oxfam report of economy tell that only eight men report having the same 3.6 billion wealth of the world population. More than half of the people in one country are facing inequality. Besides this report, the next 25 years will see the world’s first trillionaire. Inequality in Pakistan is various kinds such as education, income, health, gender, social security, and growth.

Inequality of Pakistan and Oxfam report

According to the second report of the Oxfam Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI), the number Pakistan 139 as a result, has been ranked in 152 countries. It is classified 146 for spending on education, health, and social security. Development of Taxation number 98 has been registered and registered in laboratory rights number 118.

Inequality of Pakistan in different sectors

Inequality of Pakistan in income and wealth is below the top. Furthermore, only 22 people in the country are billions of goods and reserves. However, the rest spend their lives in hunger and poverty and in Education and health institutions are on the edge of destruction. The institutions are going to dogs. Ethical and moral values are poor in almost all institutions. These things show crystal clear this problem.

inequality of pakistan in different sectors

In addition, in extreme non-competitive society causes a lot of corruption and inequality in Pakistan. Moreover, the bar of economic growth and illegal money earnings and income distribution leads to moral error and inequality in Pakistan. However, it strongly impacts on workers and human rights happen. It draws a terrible picture of the country’s overall economic situation.

Rate of inequality in Pakistan

According to Pakistan’s development experts, consumption-based poverty between 1998-99 and 2013-14 was 29.5 percent from 57.9 percent. Between 2004-5 and 2014-15, multi-dimensional poverty consisting of education, health and quality of life fell from 55.2% to 38.8%. In addition, during 2013-14, the Gini was 0.41, whereas it was 0.35 in 1987-88 years. Apart from this, the highest 20 percent of Pakistan spent 7 times poorer than 20%.

rate of inequality in pakistan

Inequality of Pakistan in the present time

At the present time, Pakistan is on the development of a high economic deficit. As a result, 35% of people are below the poverty line, approximately, 22.4 million children are out of school and 45 percent are closed. Apart from this, women’s household unpaid work cannot be measured in any data. They are not paid equally and approximately 63 percent of the youth spend their lives unusually.

Rate of Inequality of Indian

According to India’s specialist experts, consumption-based poverty between 1998-99 and 2013-14 was 29.5% from 57.9%. Between 2004-05 and 2014-15, multi-dimensional poverty consisting of education, health and quality of life fell from 55.2% to 38.8%. In addition, during 2013-14, the Gini capacity was 0.41.

rate of inequality of indian and other countries

NGOs, civil sector

However, civil and public organizations and NGOs in Pakistan are working on the inequality of Pakistan, like gender enforcement, water, food, rights, etc. However, until now, the main reason for all these problems inequality in Pakistan.

Inequality is a totally political debate because government policies and institutions include in it. However, in order to start a dialogue in the country, people, civil society, policy makers and parliamentarians require to advocate on this matter.


Inequality of Pakistan must be control now. According to the CRI index, some African countries are controlling inequality by spending money on education, health and social security. The government needs to raise the budget of education, health and social security and provide equitable labor salaries for men and women. To bring government and tax just to the public welfare. The government should improve the taxing system.



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