Forced marriages in Pakistan are abnormally on a higher rate. Force and marriage have no combination because marriage is purely emotional and force polluted it. Although, girls are more victim but boys are also being forced for marriage.

Forced marriage is a shameful act that describes as a form of violence and not only women but also by men and children.

force mariage in pakistan

Causes of forced marriage

Although, there are many factors that can lead to a culture that admits and encourages forced marriages.

 Due to forced marriage:

  • Strengthening family links widely
  • Controlling unwanted behavior and sexuality
  • Preventing ‘unreasonable’ relationships
  • Protection and safety of mental or religious standards
  • Extension Families in the family
  • Deal with pregnancy results
  • Consider the marriage agreement as a parent’s duty
  • To get a guarantee against poverty
  • Further, immigration assistance
forced marriage


Forced marriage is also often related to violence by the relative. The violence in a connection with marriage and to punish or accept the marriage about both violence. And those who do not accept marriage are subject of honor killing.

Dowry and bride price

However, the traditional tradition of dowry and bride price contributes to the forced marriage process. Further, dowry is a property or money that brings to her husband on marriage or wife’s family. However, the cost of the bride price is a sum or property or wealth that serves to the bride’s parents on the wedding by the groom or his family.

dowry and bride price

Abduction marriage

Abduction marriage, which is also known as bride kidnapping. It is a process in which a man who wants to marry a woman is abducted. However, Abduction marriage has been performed throughout the world and in some countries today, especially in Central Asia, and African.

Further, a girl or a female abducted by the groom, who is often helping her friends. Hunting is often disturbed by milk, to deprive her of virginity, so that man can be able to communicate with the elders of the village at the cost of marriage to get married.

There is often no choice in the future bride. If the bride comes back to her family, she (and her family) will often be gathered from the community and community thinks that she has lost her virginity.

Vanni as forced marriage

Vanni as forced marriage

Force marriage (Vani) is often the settlement of a conflict between families, where the controversy is ‘solved’ by giving a girl to a family. Vani is found in various parts of Pakistan, where it is a cultural tradition where a girl is forced to marry a boy’s relationship for a crime committed as forced marriage, especially, murder and rape case. Child marriage is a great form of forced marriage and by the tribal judges, known as “Jirga”.

Vanni as forced nikkah

In some parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, for women and young girls in solving the dispute in tribes. Traditional practices of marriage are traditionally called vanni, swara and sang chatti. Although illegal in Pakistan, it is still widely implemented in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.


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