Eye Tribe Technology software allows eye control over mobile devices, allows free navigation of websites and apps, as well as eye-activated login, enhanced gaming experiences and cloud-used user engagement analysis. Eye-based tribal manufacturers are intended to be an eye-catching technology-oriented provider for market-based devices widely through technology licenses.

The concept of eye-tracking or eye-tribe technology measurement and answering is not new, but also in the previous year has seen increasing interest in this technology. Supporting eyes tracking large companies gain eye-catching startup and rollout of many devices as well as software.

Eye Tracking Sensor benefits:

Eye-tracking sensors give two important benefits,” says Oscar Warner, eye-tracking company, Tobii Tech’s vice president. “Firstly, the user has to face their interest at any time. And secondly, it provides an additional way of communicating with content, without removing anything else. It increases the communication bandwidth between the user and the device. “

One chance is that soon-eye-tracking will be the standard feature of the new generation of smartphones, laptops and desktop surveillance as we approach this stage or how to contact us.

Warner says “Last year, eye-tracking technology also has been taken from promotional technology in a wide variety of consumer products in commercial products.”

Porco says that “Companies like NVIDIA have started productivity with more powerful GPUs on identities, accelerate image recognition speeds.”

Porco tells that popular crowdsourcing markets like Amazon Mechanical Turks have gathered large and widely used databases to train the identification algorithms. “These developments have accelerated growth in eye-tracking technology, also allowing researchers and developers to accelerate their experiences through experiment and practice.” VR headset companies are investing heavily in this technology.

Foveated rendering technique:

This technology is key to foveated rendering, particularly a technique where there is only one part of the image on which the fovea (part of retinae which can see important details) is presented in full quality.

By using foveated rendering technique, Werner says, that the volume of pixels will decrease by 30 to 70%, the processing power savings can translate into high frame rates(frames per second) and it has also the ability to get high quality with 4kg headset can be at 24k level, is need to meet the level of natural human vision.

Features of Eye Tribe Technology:

Eye tracking is a sensor technology that focuses on your eyes where enables a device. It further determines your presence, attention, ground, consciousness, or other different mental states. Hence this information can be used to gain deep insight into customer behavior or to design a revolutionary new user interface in different devices.

Understanding human behavior:

The eye-tracking describes the natural human behavior that helps us gain insight into the attention and as well as actions of the people. Consequently, we can also find out about the factors that run some behavior.

Enable hand-free interaction:

Using eyes as a “pointer” on the screen, facilitates communicating with eye-tracking computers and other devices when the user cannot use their hands as an input form.

New user experiences and human user interface:

Along with eye-tracking in other input modes, for example, keyboard, touchpad and voice, Tobii is making a new user’s experience and regularly making the way to make the latest interface for consumer devices.  It will be more intuitive, natural, attractive and effective than the traditional user interface.

How does the eye tracker work?

Three main parts of performing the eye tracking system:

Custom Design Sensor:

Hardware is designed to be a high-performance sensor, and not to take a good picture. It contains custom design projector, customized image sensor and optics as well as custom processing with embedded algorithms.

Advanced Algorithms:

The algorithms are the brain of the system, which also defines the connection between the image created by the sensor.

User-based Applications:

Technology can also be used to create an intelligent application layer to enable different modes.

It also designed as a peripheral device, an eye tracker can be included in a computer screen for a simple and cost-to-face competition to introduce technology in regard.

Uses of eye tribe technology:

eye tribe application
  • Eye tribe uses in games working like Fruit Ninja. It also helps to smart phone to slice fruit.
  • Eye tribe as well as uses in browsing security.
  • It also helpful in scrolling page by staring the page.
  • Eye tracking and grazing-eye password.

Setup of Eye Tribe technology:

eye tribe uses in games working
  • Firstly connect Eye tribe with the computer.
  • Secondly, keep your tracker on the horizontal surface of the flat and below your monitor.
  • Afterward download your tracker SW from theeyetribe.com using your login after buying. Start the application and install SW.
  • Finally, take a distance of 45-75 cm and in correct position in front monitor.  Angle Tracker indicates your face using the tripod.


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