Artificial intelligence (AI) means the machine which demonstrates intelligence like a human. That is why, in the Computer Science field, it is known as Machine intelligence or Computational intelligence.
Generally, artificial intelligence is used to describe those machines which have cognitive functions that associate with human brains such as learning and solving problems.

Ideal characteristics of artificial intelligence(AI)

  • Artificial intelligence stimulates intelligence like human intelligence in machine.
  • The targets of artificial intelligence are learning, reasoning, rational thinking and perception.
  • Artificial intelligence uses worldwide in different industries such as finance and Healthcare.
artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence , a virtual brain

There are two types of artificial intelligence(AI)

  • Weak artificial intelligence
  • Complex artificial intelligence

Weak artificial intelligence it is designed for a particular task or a job. It trends simple and single task-oriented. Weak AI cannot handle complex and different problems. This system is only programmed for a single task.
For example

a video game such as chess
Personal assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Complex artificial intelligence can carry on different task with Complex and complicated situations but complex intelligence can efficiently handle situations and problems because it is more like a human. Generally this kind of system used in applications
For example
Self-driving, flying cars
Hospital operating room

Comprehension of Computational intelligence

Normally people think that the only machine-like human is robots but that is not true, it is only portrayed in Sic-friction movies and novels.
The robots are part of artificial intelligence there are many other machines and computers which are working on there goals and tasks efficiently.
A basic principle of artificial intelligence is to bethink execute tasks like human intelligence through simple to complex tasks because of AI has the capacity of learning and reasoning.
For example
From basic calculator to the algorithms

Ai is giving many and new benefit day by day it could not be outdated.

Top 6 benefits of artificial intelligence

Reducing human physical effort

Artificial intelligence is playing an instrumental role in the decline in the human effort by leveraging on smart automation. More than 2.25 million robots are working worldwide according to oxford economics report 2019.

For example

Amazon deploys more than 100,000 Kiva robots based on artificial intelligence. These robots effectively work in the workplace by assisting human, carrying large inventory quantities from one place to another safely.

Therefore, many industries are using Computational intelligence in all the heavy lifting, carrying and transporting products.

Incline the efficiency of pharmaceuticals

Artificial intelligence makes an effective Bond in Pharma and Healthcare industry Particularly in drug clinical trials and cost-cutting in many drugs. Due to machine intelligence, the examination and diagnose of the disease becomes easy and accurate within a short time.

Transformation in financial development

In financial department data analyzing and storage is very important so that’s why applications are designed to analyze database gives better results.

Financial department has a wild range of AI applications for security, fraud detection, algorithm trading, financial management, financial services and financial advisory or many other things.

For example


Chat-bots make customer service quicker and easier.

Chat-bots are very effective in customer dealing because they are now in local languages which are better to understand and have good human interactions. Chat-bots is machine intelligence-based instrument which can learn its own and provides a piece of adequate knowledge to customers

For example

A virtual assistant of American bank is the best example chat-bots name as Erica. Erica serves approximately 50 million clients from last year. She works on different tasks such as bank balance information, investment planning, budgeting suggestions and bill payment etc.

Enhance safety on roads

Millions of people die in a road accident every year. Artificial intelligence reduces the risks of accidents and fatalities. Government and many companies are now using machine intelligence to collect the data of the driver to maintain road discipline.

For example

Driving pattern, driving lane, driving rule violation and distance between the vehicles on the road.

Predicting and diagnosing easier and Quicker
To disaster and disease.

Natural adversity and calamity are the part of human life so artificial intelligence turns out to be good for us. Machine intelligence applications deploy to predict natural disasters

For example

Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Thunderstorm, Cyclone. 


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